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day 8 - Really!!!

Cant quite believe I'm into day 8, never got this far without a wee bit of cheating here & there - but I'm doing it!

Thought it would feel easier as I go along but actually I'm finding that I would love to nip outside (yep, in the rain) and have a nice rollie. I Imagine the satisfaction, ahhhhhhh.

Then I put my sensible head on. I won't enjoy it, will probably taste awful to me now. Get through the next hour, don't throw away all this hard work, don't let yourself down, the shame. Breathe, breathe, ok, another chocolate, water, pizza, whatever, just DON'T SMOKE!

Feel as though I'm going crackers sometimes.

Sorry I haven't been on here since my day 3 declaration, but would love to say a big hi to you all and thanks for all the encouraging messages.

Its good to get a nudge from those that have been where I am now, although I could do with an ogre waving a big stick at me at times!

Will post more, read more and absorb more.

Have a fragrant fume free day my lovelies,

Chrissie x

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And you Chrissie :)

Many, many congratulations on getting the first week under your belt. All you have to do now is to just keep going and do whatever it takes to beat those craves into submission. You CAN do it- you ARE doing it- and you WILL do it! :D

(and we can impersonate an ogre with a big stick if needed ;))

Well done girl. You're doing brilliantly.


thanks, will get through today anyway I can.

Skiddaw, not long before you are 1 year, how does that feel? do you still crave or look at people smoking and want one. I have an insatiable appetite, did you & has this passed.

Hmm mitts, sounds like a good idea Tea but....will resist, for today.

pizza, 2 large,. one margharita one vegi hot. Eating enough to feed an army but not worried about putting on a few pounds at mo.



Hi Chrissie and welcome :)

Week 2 already with a nice day 8, glad you didn't go outside for a rollie, being on day 8 it might not have such a "Ahhhhh" as you may think, the crave would go away but then would feel "why did I just do that? I just put myself through a full week of horribleness to undo it all in 10 seconds" then you have the potential of the flood gates opening again.

You stick at it with the quit no matter how hard it may seem at times, even after a while stick with it and the rewards will come along eventually, it's not a overnight or a couple of weeks thing but ride the up's n down's and you'll be fine.

Any near misses with craves that are tempting then just find something to take your mind of it, if you can't then rant away on here and the crave will soon go, nearly all on here will understand what you are going through so don't be afraid of posting what you really feel about your quit as you go along.

Good Luck.


Ok Chrissie I am waving a big stick at you.... Don't you dare smoke!!!!! :mad:

Did that help?? :p

Welcome and very nice to meet you! ;)



Hi Chrissie , nice to meet you :) good work on getting to day 8 and well done for resisting the urge, if it happens again, try posting about your crave and wait for three replies, theoretically by the time you have had the replies and answered, the crave will have worn off ;) keep it up xx


Skiddaw, not long before you are 1 year, how does that feel? do you still crave or look at people smoking and want one. I have an insatiable appetite, did you & has this passed.

Hi Chrissie,

I'm amazed at how quickly the time has passed actually. At first, every minute seemed like an hour and every day seemed like a month but time speeded up again remarkably soon (as it will for you too). I haven't had what I would call a proper crave for a long time now and whilst I couldn't say I never have a 'moment', that's all it is- a brief and vague sensation which passes instantly (like an echo of a crave if that makes any sense). As for appetite- one of my quit side-effects was anxiety (most unusual for me) and I felt so down and churned up that for a few weeks I just coudm't eat. When I came out the other side of that I had lost a good half stone so I thought I might as well carry on (I was a good 2.5 stone above my healthy BMI range at that point anyway) so I did. On the other hand, I became hopelessly addicted to sugar-free gum and I still find myself chewing away most of the time. :D

As you say, no harm at all in putting on a few pounds. You can easily tackle any weight loss when your quit is properly established. In the meantime you just carry on doing what you're doing and keep posting. Time for another pizza I think...:D


Well done Chrissie, over a week under your belt already. :):)


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