No Smoking Day
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Yep I'm still here

Well well well, day 12 is nearly over and I'm doing ok.

How are the other Stoptober's getting on?

I can laugh about it now, but had a shocking day on Friday (day 10), sent this email to our favourite American:

'Oh god I'm having such a crap day!!! It's only 10.25am and I am stressed to the max. Everything is just sh!t today, didn't sleep well, got a banging headache and really REALLY want a cigarette! I think I might have to go home and sit in a dark room, don't know what work would say about it though! Help! I'm on the edge lol'

Thankfully I am over that little spat and can honestly say day 11 and 12 have been ok. Still got my guard up, but on the whole I am doing just fine.


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Oh Rustler, your Day 10 sounds sorry you had to cope with that but very pleased to hear you came out the other side and that Days 11 & 12 have been so much better.

Well done you! It isn't easy to navigate days like that and all power to you for holding on in there and kicking Nic where it hurt. :D

Nealy into Week 3 now- how fantastic is that? :)


Woo hoo almost two weeks clear there Rustler, if it's any consolation I have had a rubbish couple of days aswell :/ think it's the combination of bad weather and the feeling of missing out, which of course we aren't! Glad you are over that period and feeling better :) x


I do hope the approach to the two week mark is not to difficult, but please Post if needed.

WOW WOW WOW...... Can you believe it, what determination you have, it will get easier, I know you don't think it will, but it will.

Just to say people be hind you are following in your shadow, just keep going?

Stirling job:)


Keep it going mate, well done on not smoking on the day 10, seemingly small decisions like that are utterly HUGE and it's imperative that you make the correct choice and not have one.

Good Luck.


Btw: Rustler I did answer you as soon as I saw your message :p damn time zone arghhhhh !!!! Heehee !!!

You're doing really well and keep reaching out when you have trouble. ;)


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