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My name is Sally & I am on my 12th day of giving up smoking. I've never posted on any forum before, but I've been motivated not to give in by reading some of the posts here. Thank you for sharing your stories & support. I live on my own so reading some of the posts has helped keep me on track particularly at the end of the day when I always seem to think "just one would be ok".

I've smoked for about 20 years & recently I noticed I was smoking more & more so inspired by"stoptober" I gave up on 1st October. I didn't expect to make it through one day, so feeling quite pleased I am now on Day 12. At times it's been really difficult, but with the help of 1mg lozenges I'm still not smoking. I have used an e-cig a few times, don't know if that's cheating.

Good luck to everybody who is quitting.


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welcome to the forum sally!

12 days!! nearly two weeks under your belt. that's fantastic:D

this site is very helpful and so supportive, please use it as often as you need too:) I think there are a few that have the same quit date as you too!

e-cig and cheating in my opinion is a no way! if it gets you off the cigarettes then it is working for you at this moment. it is always something you can concentrate on reducing and then coming off of when you feel your quit is more established or when you are ready:) I personally have never used the e-cig though.

good luck with your quit, I look forward to reading your posts:)


A big welcome to the forum from me too Sally- it's lovely to meet you :D

As has been said, there are quite a few Stoptober quitters on the forum at present so you're in good company. You're doing SO well and I hope you're suitably proud of yourself. We're all in the same boat here, no matter what stage of quit we're at, and there is no right or wrong way to do it (e-cig included). We all have the same goal and as long as we make it to journeys end it matters not how we get there.

You'll find there isn't anything that someone here hasn't experienced at some point so read, post, jump in and join our gang. We'll do all we can to help you along the way. :)


Welcome to the board Sally, 12 days EPIC START! You should now soon be having a smoke free 12 days of xmas :)

Once again welcome to the board.


Hello Sal ***waves frantically***

How nice to have you here, so glad you have taken the plunge and posted, it's so nice when new people join, good work on your 12 days, Stoptober is a good incentive for lots of people ;) with regards to the ecig, use it if it helps, in fact use ANYTHING as long as it keeps you off the real thing! Look forward to your postings as you progress :) xxx


Thank you all for your kind words.

I wish I had found this group before now. The amount of time I spend enjoying not smoking is increasing & the amount of time craving cigarettes & feeling like I am missing a "friend" is decreasing slowly. Last weekend I was struggling so much, I wanted to cry.

It was day one of an 8 week training plan to run 5k today. Haven't run for a good few years & forgot how much I enjoyed it. I definitely wouldn't have been able to do it still smoking.

Jenny - my dog Charlie, a little Parson Russell terrier, says hi to Alfie. Charlie came to live with me 4 years ago after being treated horribly in his previous home. One of my reasons for stopping smoking is that Charlie is a star at his weekly agility class & I was starting to struggle keeping up with him!

Thank you all again, it is good to know that people are here to help and I hope I can help others here too.



A big warm welcome from me, What a strong lady you are, nearly two weeks done and dusted brilliant, you do what ever you need to do, as long as you don't smoke, e cig, gum, patch, what ever.

You are doing one amazing thing for your body, please post if you hit any probs, usually some one around, for a natter.

But for now a big well done from me:)


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