No Smoking Day
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Countdown to Penthouse Begins!

:D:D:D Here I am in day 355!!! I am sooo excited to hit the year mark and not really sure why!! There are no presents waiting or tangible rewards to be had!! I haven't saved a dime of my money that otherwise would have gone towards cigarettes like many people do and then take a cruise or treat themselves (God bless them!!!) Yet I have this great feeling of anticipation and disbelief and hope I don't get hit by a bus tomorrow- or worse- on day 364!!!!!!! :D:D:D

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Thank you Max!! And you are right--it IS an achievement!! It has absolutely been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life! And I AM proud of myself--or rather-- I am dead chuffed!!! I just love the party theme--believe me that I will be thinking on that for the next 9 days!!!:D


Well another success story how amazing you have shown such determination in your will to very pleased for you.:)

You've done the hard slog, so enjoy the accolade of being a none smoker.,,,, y

A job done nicely.

I do hoop you celebrate big time, there is nothing better for you and yours than quitting smoking. Blooming marvellous :)


Me too. :D

Roseanne, the bunting is up and my little flag is clutched firmly in my hand. The champagne is chilling and the laurel wreath (along with an enormous bunch of flowers) is all ready.

You're a star and you deserve every minute of feeling proud of yourself. :)


Well done Roseanne, that's amazing. :)


Nearly there :)

The doors have been unlocked by Max, just need you to finished the home straight.


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