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Month 2!


Month 2!!!

Feeling flipping fantastic!

Spent the last week re decorating with the odd bit of DIY! Exercising, running, and enjoying my new found love of yoga! Namaste🙏

I'm a new woman! Lol!

In terms of not smoking, all is well:) I'm having my 'moments' but I can distract myself better, it's ok to have a feeling or a thought. I feel in control of my quit:D long may it continue!

Night out tomorrow! Bit nervous, drinking is a trigger but none of the friends I'm out with smoke ( one gave up two weeks ago) so that shouldn't be an issue!

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Congratulations Laura, you have really done well. Very pleased for you and I am nipping at your heels. :):):)

Congratulations Laura, your positivity is oozing from this post, I'm out tomorrow too, the difference is most of my friends do smoke we must compare notes on Sunday about how it went :D xxx

Laura firstly a massive well done, how amazing, :)

From your posts I,m reading you are so focused, now that's a great thing.

Just keep going, you are doing a amazing thing for your body and your life.

Well done :)

Laura, I do hope you will follow Deb's advice (and take a few selfies so we can see the booty-shake in action :D).

Seriously, well done girly. You're really flying now and I think your night out tonight will be a breeze. Have a fab time- you deserve it. :)

night out was a hoot!


I didn't wake up with a sneaky 10 pack of lambert and butler in my bag! so it was much fun and a success! :D my hangover is rubbish though :eek: know me so well;) haha!!

max- tigger just so happens to be my favourite Disney character! I accept my new nickname with great pleasure:p ...........tiggeriffic!......... or should i say 'triggeriffic' after my success last night :D

thanks for the comments everyone! hope you all have a smashing weekend!

Feeling those benefits already!! Apart from the money, I'm enjoying the extra notes and spending them on not damaging my precious body far too much :p

Searches for a suitable mugshot:D

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