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Odd feeling on day 33

So I have been pondering this for a few days but it is sooo weird.... I feel like I've never smoked, does that make any sense? I haven't had any craves I've just stopped smoking?? It's so odd, I can't even remember what it was like to smoke lol! Now as a lot of you will know this is not the first attempt I have had and in previous quits I have been climbing the walls but I really and honestly feel nothing this time, absolutely nothing? I must admit it's a very alien and very unnerving...

I have had a drink with hubby been out for dinner etc with no pangs although I have been practically a hermit for the past 33 days just working or spending time with my family... I'm off out Saturday night which could be a trigger but fingers crossed it will be ok I really feel like I've cracked it this time Halleblinkinglujah :Dx

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Donna, I think your positivity is showing through, with a sort of internal mode saying just don't smoke.

You are doing a amazing job, just keep pushing on, and how lovely to go out, have fun, come back and know you have not smoked. Brilliant:)


I agree. I think whatever the switch is in our brains, yours just clicked over on this quit Donna. :D

Obviously, stay vigilent though. You know from prior experience how sneaky Nic can be.

Have a lovely time on your night out won't you? :)


Hi Donna, sounds good that aren't craving now. Have a great night out and avoid the smokers - thankfully it's getting too cold to sit outside smoking anyway.

My first few nights out were very hard (I didn't stop going out as you have) but it's ok now I think, still have to be careful though. :)


Well done Donna!

I know exactly what you mean:D I do hope this is the one that takes you to the penthouse! You've fought hard for it and completely deserve it:)

Also out on sat night , tad nervous but I think we can both wake up on Sunday morning without the sneaky 10 pack in our bags:D here's to month 2!!!! Clink clink! Xx


Hope it stays like that for you Donna, day 30 was my breakthrough day too so let's hope it's the same for you.

I don't feel like I smoked now, but I remember the breathlessness, the smell, and the bad teeth!! It's enough to keep me quit without anything else :eek:


So pleased Donna, I share your feelings as this quit has been completely different for me as well. I am now on day 40 and I have NEVER quit for this long before. Nor with so little remorse lol

I think we are on to it this time... ;)


Fantastic to hear this Donna, I think the brain does click into place, we just have to find the right way to think about it. Sounds like yours has clicked early on or it's probably a mix of everything you've learnt from previous quits, which just goes to show they weren't in vain.


Hi thanks everyone, I am determined this time and I'm sure it's because I have failed so many times before I know the pitfalls now and can steer away from them, feeling a bit stressed and anxious today but I'm sure that will pass soon xx


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