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Funny sort of day

Evening all,

Nearing the end of day 9 and it's been a funny kind of day. it's probably been the best, with regards to number of cravings - but jeez when it does raise its ugly head, I feel like killing someone.

The cravings are less, but the ones I do have are longer?!?

Also my girlfriend is a smoker, which is fine, but it's starting to bug me.... I find the smell almost unbearable - which is hypercritical I know as I was the same 9 days ago!



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I feel for you Rustler it must be hard if your girlfriend smokes, during my last quit my husband continued to smoke and I almost felt resentment that he was smoking and I "couldn't" :rolleyes: so SO stupid really! Finding it so much easier this time now we are doing it together.

I think in the first couple of weeks we go through such a range of emotions it's draining! I am a month in and I still don't know my 4rse from my elbow ;) it's a case of head down and suck it up I think, rest assured though these intermittent hellish craves are totally normal, Max is completely correct, you have absoloutely nothing at all to lose but so so much to gain, keep at it bud!! X


Tea is right, I think, when she says it isn't how the real world works. Ideally your girlfriend would quit too but (as we all know) it has to be the right time or it just isn't going to happen.

I think the only way of managing it is to keep telling yourself that you're doing this for you- no one else- and that if someone close to you chooses to continue to smoke it's their issue. Just keep focusing on your quit 100% and you'll come through any and all difficult patches. Hopefully, your girlfriend will be so inspired by your example, that eventually she'll take the plunge herself.

Here's hoping today is a better day for you. :)


Hey Rustler, as all the others have already said, it is totally worth it - whatever side effects are thrown at you and it will get better, craves will get easier to handle.

Difficult with partner smoking but I'm sure she will quit when she is ready. Smoking is becoming more and more anti social, I know I sometimes felt like some kind of pariah with non (judgemental) smokers being in the majority.

You are doing so well to have got to day 9, keep it up. :):)


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