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day 3 almost done

This lurker finally had the courage to grab the Stoptober challenge. Yes I was late (5th) but had to gear myself up.

At 12.15pm I will have completed the dreaded 3 day mark and will look forward to day 4 - ever!

To be honest the fear of not smoking has been far worse than the withdrawal.

What was I scared of? because absolutely nothing has happened, nothing bad anyway. Cravings have been manageable with deep breaths and continuing to say "not one puff" AND MEAN IT!

I'm glad to turn contributor from lurking for many, many months and want to say a big thanks to you all for helping me to take this step.


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Good to meet you Chris- a big welcome to the forum from me and more to the point, huge congratulations for getting the dreaded Day Three under your belt. :)

I always say this but I do so admire anyone who can quit CT. I know I couldn't have done it and you have my whole-hearted awe and admiration. :)

Tell you what- with your mindset I think you're well on the way to being a permanent ex-smoker. Well done you!


Better late than never Chrissie, your here now that's what matters ;) The first three days are pretty awful so I'm sure you are glad they are out of the way, good luck! Xx


Welcome Chris and very pleased to meet you :p

Best of luck in your quit.


Well done Chris, nice to meet you. Good luck :):)


Hello there, so lovely to have you with us, and my word what a great start.

Any probs please post, usually some one around to help.

Doing great, keep going:)


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