9 Months Today :)

Today is my 9 month anniversary - I haven't smoked and I have no intention of smoking ever again :)

9 months ago the penthouse was a very miniscule dot in the distance - now it is within touching distance and I have no doubt I will make it in 3 months time :)

Good luck everyone else in your quit - I'm proof that if you really want to quit, you will - no excuses, no mucking about, you'll just do it.

Hello to all my quit buddies in the January Freedom Fighters group - I know there are still some of you around and I'm as delighted for you as I am for myself :cool:

Stay cool xxx

6 Replies

  • Blondie, that's fantastic! :D

    Well Done That Girl. The Penthouse is suddenly looking very, very close indeed...:)

  • Well done Blondie, you had the determination needed to succeed. :):)

  • So glad to see members of the Freedom fighters succeeding so brilliantly and getting through this, 9 months is fab, really well done xx

  • Yo, well done Blondie :D

    We're nearly there...

  • Well done Blondie another one of my fellow jan quitters.....it seems so long. Ago.....it seems like yesterday:)

    Congratulations x

  • Blondie, than you for taking a moment to post. It is really helpful for those behind you to see that success is around the bend. :D

    Congrats!!! :)

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