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Am I really here?

Hi all,

I finally can post here, cannot believe it has been a year, and I apologise for lack of communication - as I mentioned, I struggled at the beginning and the forum reminded me too much about smoking...but I come and go and look at your successes and I am glad to have been part of this amazing community!

I won't say that it has been easy, and I still need to be on my guard all the time, but the rewards so outweight downsides, that it is really worthy, so:

Pros - beautiful white teeth, no cough, had a 40 years bash with 30 of my friends all paid with the money I have saved, very proud family, no cold hands or feet, no smelly breath or clothes.

Cons - have a stone to lose, drink far too quickly still, have had some problems feeling down...

But all in all is great to be in the penthouse....I will say it again, it is amazing to be in the PENTHOUSE!!!!!

Love to all and especially to all that help me in the beginning!!! Too many to name.


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Fantastic Marta :D

So very, very pleased for you. I hope you're suitably proud of what you have achieved especially as it hasn't always been an easy ride.

I DO so love cheering members home. :)


Congratulations Marta you have done brilliantly! :cool: xxxx


Well done Marta, one year is fab. At least the pros far outweigh the cons.

I suffer with bad circulation (main reason for quit - scared of losing toes:eek:) and I find your post encouraging as you say no more cold hands & feet.

I also have a getting drunk really quick issue - maybe I'm drinking faster too? Will make an effort to slow down I think.

Thank for posting, lovely to hear from long term quitters on here :):)


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