8 Months !

Doesn't time fly, this Friday will be 8 months since I quit. Lots of things have happened in this time as well.

Speaking to my daughter last night she has not smoked since my heart attack last February ! Also my son is now puffing on one of those ecig thingies.It's a win win situation all around. Not even thought about a smoke.

Not completely out of the woods, medically just yet, but getting there.

My heart nurse came to see me last week & my BP was near enough normal, BG bang on normal levels & also lost just over half a stone what I had put on since Feb.!

Can't wait for the "penthouse".

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  • What a truly heart-warming post Gus! (no pun intended :))

    That's wonderful. I shouldn't say it (and hope it doesn't sound offensive), but your cardiac problems have almost proved to be a blessing in disguise haven't they?

    Many, many congratulations from me. :)

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