One month today :)

First month done! I am happy proud and quite frankly relieved that I have got through this month unscathed apart from the teeth and gum problems and tummy issues but apart from that no craves moodiness etc and I put that entirely down to the patch they are working so well for me this time :)

I know I can't get complacent as my dodgy time hasn't arrived yet if and when it does I truly believe I will be ok this time :) xx

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  • Oh that's truly splendid Donna! :D

    You know, I really do have a very strong feeling that you will never go back. I think you've crossed the rubicon now. :)

    May your second month be smooth, easy and full of autumn sunshine.

  • Thankyou my lovelies xxxx

  • This time we've got this thing licked, I just know it ;)

    Massively proud and walking right beside you....

  • Keep going Donna!!! You can definitely do this!! Congratulations on getting through your first month!

  • Well done Donna!!!! Yeah!!!!!

    Well surely you can do another 11 of those easy enough?

    Glad you're doing well mate!

  • Well done you:-)

    Loving the positivity , that will get you to where you want to be :-)

  • W00t :)

    Well done DJ! You will do this.

    S xx

  • Thanks all, I really appreciate your support xxxx

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