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Nose like a bloodhound :)

Ok so I've been quit for one whole month tomorrow and my sense of smell is RIDONKULOUS!!

Incident 1 - sat in traffic at junction 19 M5 with my son, I had the window open, I smelt fags... Said to jack "someone smoking" he couldn't smell but I definitely could, had a look around and sure enough 2 cars back someone was chuffing away in the passenger side... (We were in 2 lanes, I was on the left, maybe too much info but I am trying to explain how good my fag radar is! :D)

Incident 2 - walking past someone's house and I could smell that they were smoking INSIDE their house???!! :eek:

Good news is, the smell did absolutely naff all for me!

Donna 1 - Nick O'teen 0

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Indeed, it's also working really well for the lovely things to like cut grass, fresh bread and clean washing :)


I was like that at the beginning too Donna, I can remember walking down the road thinking 'smoking house, non smoking house, smoking house etc' really odd! Sadly there seems to be more unpleasant smells than pleasant ones around. Have found that it's not so acute now which is a bit of a blessing really :D


This made me laugh Donna. I too remember the 'smoke radar'. It was unbelievable, I could locate a lit cigarette within a 200m radius. Through closed doors etc, it was like x-ray smell.:D



Great post Donna :)


Hi Donna

Ah the improved sense of smell.

I work in a Hotel, top floor office. Noticed people smoking outside on the patio which I never noticed before! I had to close my window. Also the downside of being surrounded by fields is muckspreading, which is way stinkier than I noticed before! :D

Tea, I feel for you about peoples houses, my hoarder neighbour has nurses visits and they look a bit green when they leave.


Hi Donna,

Know what you mean especially in the car. When stopped I can sometime smell the smoke coming out of other cars.

My first thought is always the same: Sh.. ! my car still smell the fag, I have to clean it again. I even put carpet cleaner all over the carpet and upholstery, it still smells.

Any idea anyone to remove the smell...except changing for a new car.


Treat yourself to a valet Helene that will sort it ;) x


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