No Smoking Day
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Week 2 Here I am!

Into week two of no e-cig and week 51 of not smoking.

The withdrawal from the E-Cig is starting to dampen down alittle methinks. I',m still edgy, irritable and the chest is slightly tight but it doesn't seem as bad as it was.

The plus sides are definitely outweighing the withdrawal! :-) I feel so much more confident and even tho I am craving, the notion of not having to worry if I have enough battery, cartridges etc is great!

Onwards and upwards! :-)

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so very near to a whole year not smoking, brilliant job! Glad to hear the withdrawal from the ecig is easing for you :)


Well Done That Man! :D

You can enter the Penthouse in a weeks time with even more satisfaction and pride than would have been the case before quitting the e-cig.

Good on you. :)


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