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18 weeks yesterday

Oh my gosh, I haven't smoked for 18 weeks. It's gone so quick. According to my phone app I haven't smoked 1523 fags and haven't wasted 6 days, 8 hours smoking!!!

Have also saved £154.11 which is not a great deal as since switching to roll ups (after quit failure in 2007) I cut down loads.

For those of you following behind me and struggling, I struggled too, I have had falling outs with family members, stress at work, ongoing trouble with my teenage son & the police and I thought at the time that I could not cope without smoking, I had rages, tears, moodiness and could have quite easily also had a tantrum which is, quite frankly, ridiculous :eek: Sleepless nights, coughing and bleeding gums too.

Now I'm so pleased I didn't give in as I cope with things now without the nicotine crutch, which wasn't ever needed in the first place and I'm genuinely happy that I don't smoke any-more. I now sleep better than I ever have, the rages have gone and the bleeding gums are improving.

I know I can't ever smoke again, not even just one. Just as an alcoholic can't have just one drink because smoking is an addiction to drugs. I accept this because of all the good things, all the benefits of not smoking.

Good luck everyone, including any Stoptober quitters. It isn't easy, but it gets better fairly quickly. :):):)

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Congratulations Nicky!

You sound really determined and self-confident; even more than before, if I might add! It's evident that you are going through a really tough time in your life and I am very sorry to hear that. But it's amazing that you've came to a conclusion that fag won't help you with any of that.

If I didn't know better, I'd say this is the post from someone who's been quit for at least a year! Good job!


Lovely post Nicky, good for you, I can relate to almost all of your quitting symptoms, in particular the bleeding gums :( did it ease by itself or did you have to enlist the help of a torturer aka dentist:eek: x


Thanks Max and TG - You have both been a constant on this site and you are very encouraging to me and others.

Kac - I will be glad when I have been quit 1 year+ :D I am very positive about this quit - I have no idea where the determination came from as it wasn't there before when I tried. This is my 2nd attempt, around three months last time.

Donna - I did visit a torturer:D but she just said it will improve with time, an electric toothbrush and floss. I love the electric toothbrush - that and no smoking = lovely clean teeth! Floss - No! Horrid stuff, can't use it. My gums still slightly bleed but it's a lot less than it was.



Hi Nicky,

Just wanted to add my congrats to the others. I think to have come as far as you have despite all those external pressures speaks volumes for your grit and determination. You, TG, Donna, Tracey, Cupster, Carol, etc- there are so many members at present with serious issues to deal with and yet you're all quietly getting on with it despite everything. I'm not sure I could be as strong.

All I can say is that there will be some extremely palatial suites in the Penthouse in the not too distant future if I have anything to do with it.

Well done and then some. :)


Fantastic post Nicky and well done on the 18 weeks.:D


Congrats Nicky, 18 weeks is fab, great post! :D


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