No Smoking Day
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Day 7

About time I posted an update. I am now on day 7. Had a couple of drinks last night but didn't even think about having a smoke. Feeling very proud. Now I'm looking forward to moving into week 2 room. I thought I would be going overboard on the ecig but a small bottle of liquid lasted me nearly a full week so I'm chuffed about that as well. Roll on week 2.

Well done to all no matter what stage you are on in your quit journey.

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Big hello Mark :) nice to see you back here.

I just wanted to wish you success ;) You can do this...

BTW: I love your tag line (but who hasn't) Lol - that is me for sure :eek:


Great to see you try again Mark, you WILL succeed I am sure:)


Well done & then some Mark :)

First week under your belt for the final time I think. :D

May your Week Two be an easy and quick one.


Nice one Mark, good to see you get through the first week, now pack a bag for the week 2 room, you won't need much cos you won't be stopping there long :) xx


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