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200 craves/urges/devilish thoughts beaten!!


day 26 (correct me if im wrong lol)


ive beaten/squished/battled with 200 craves, urges to smoke, and those little monster thoughts that wear you down with their fighting talk. That 'one wont hurt' or 'just buy ten and have one then throw them away'. I won:D:D:D

(I thoroughly recommend this method of writing how many craves and how strong they were down on a sticky note and attaching it to your mirror while you brush your lovely new pretty smelling locks and eye up your fabulous healthy skin so you can see what you have overcome each day)

im feeling pretty darn fandabydosy today because....

I had a pretty stressful morning and it is only NOW because of a little trigger that I thought about smoking. The main word here being thought. it was quickly shoved out of my head as quickly as it tried to get there. it wasn't a horrible feeling deep down in the pit of my stomach nor was it a longing pining urge to comfort me. it was just a really crap attempt on mr nicotines part to get to me.... oh how I laughed and laughed at how pathetic he is becoming!

I am a serial quitter ( correction..i was) or am known as always being a smoker that's about to quit again or has quit and has drawers full of inhalator cartridges, gum and patches. when I have quit smoking previously there is always an element of excitement about my new venture but I have always been consumed with dread and fear. fear that I wouldn't have my little pesky stinky pal cheering me through the highs of life and soothing my wounds at my rock bottoms! get the violins out!

today I can honestly say ive found peace with my quit. im no longer scared or fearful, or walking on eggshells scared that im going to fail again. ive never felt this before, and it feels blooming marvellous:) I know that I will have bad days but I cant possibly fathom smoking my way through them because what I feel right now is too good to lose! i know, i know, i only went through a whole morning without thinking about smoking. Its still early days, but for me to get through a morning full of complete stress and not have a thought to smoke is an absolute break through! for the first time ever i feel like this is all possible!

thankyou to everyone that told me to keep going. to trust that it will get better and more importantly to trust myself, I really believe that it will, because today it has! feeling very emotional about this accomplishment. I feel like im having a bit of ' waheeeeeeyyyyyy finallly' moment.

armour is officially invincible. no way am I throwing this feeling away for a measley little stinky fag:p

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aaw thankyou saucisse, you are very welcome:)

im still fairly early into my quit too, but this new confidence in it is definitely new territory and im excited to explore it! I have no doubt this will happen to you too:)

Fantastic post Laura :D

With that attitute there is no doubt at all in my mind that you're headed straight for the Penthouse. I can see Mr Nic cringing as I type. What a sad little hermunculous he is. ;)

Well done you! :)

As always a brilliant post Laura, well done for stopping Nic in his tracks, the swine :D...

You should be proud of yourself its not easy this quitting malarkey but every crave we overcome is one we wont have to repeat EVER AGAIN!

nearly a full month now, woo hooo have a great weekend :) xxx

Lovely post Laura, your positivity will get you through to becoming an ex smoker (and eventually non smoker) rather than serial quitter. Well done :):)

Laura, I absolutely loved your post because it is EXACTLY how I feel as well.

You summed up how I feel with just the right words and explanation and for that I want to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You :p:):p:):p:):p

Whoo Hoo what a great day this is.

that is great post well done this is my 3rd go I think I may have cracked it but even now I still get twinge but goes away x

aaaw thanks guys (gushes:))

Just out of curiosity is it cold turkey that has made a difference?

I have just pondered this for the last half hour! honestly I have no idea. I think if i used champix or patches or any other substitute id still be saying the same. i don't think its the method but more my mindset this time. ive slowly realised i cant rush my quit. i wont wake up and suddenly forget i smoked. It will be hard some days and others it will be as easy as pie. But!! im aware of this and its ok. In previous quits id be fine a few days and then bam massive crave and id get into a mindset of 'wow this will be what its like for the rest of my life, im doomed to smoke forever or if not crave it forever'. I realise this isn't the case anymore. This forum has helped me in trusting that too. its amazing seeing people go through what i am, and know that what im going through is normal. its even more amazing and so inspiring to see people that have battled like me and come out the other side triumphant!

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