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It is worth it

I just want to let you guys just starting on your quit that it may be a difficult journey at first, but the end result is worth every painful step. I have been smoke free for almost 18 months, and trust me when I tell you my life has completely changed. I feel so much better with my quality of life, everything is just so much better.

The first few days are tough, but keep at it, keep going, cos after a while you will be wandering why in the hell did I even smoke that rubbish for so long. It honestly makes no sense to me why people smoke. I have tried taking a puff, and I am happy to say I am completely put off by it. I cannot stand the taste, I choke up, and feel sick after even trying to inhale the fumes.

Also this forum has helped me tremendously and if you ever feel the need to rant or confide in someone, this forum is the perfect place to come to. So good luck on your journey and be strong! :cool:

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Great post DP, I'm just over four months in and already feel loads better, I love reading encouraging posts like yours to keep me going. :)


Great post. Thank you

I have just googled Durban images

What an amazing place you live in :):):):):):)

Thank you Jenny. And yes Durban is beautiful. Love this place and the people.


I love the way there are forum members from all around the world. It's a real global village isn't it? :)

Fab post, DP, by the way.


Brilliant post thanks for sharing :)


I am very new to the site but that is so encouraging to hear things get better i'm on day 4 on the champix xxx


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