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3rd time lucky!

Afternoon all,

Guess whose jumped on the Stoptober 2014 band wagon... yep me!

Day 1 has been ok so far, but as this is my third quit attempt, I know what to expect.

I only made it to day 9 back in March 2014, and day 19 in January 2013, pathetic.

Anyway I'm back and ready for a fight.

Third time lucky...?!?!

Take it easy.


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Fingers crossed, Rustler! All the best.


my 3rs attempt I made it so far good luck xxx


Yay!!!!!! You're back :D:D

Yup that's right, I am heading into month 2 today. I have lots of news to tell you. Will send you an email soon....

Sorry, I digressed lol...... I am with you 100%, there are going to be some really tough days ahead but you can do this, I know you can! Are you going CT this time or are you going to use some sort of NRT? Something to thin about...:eek:

So glad to see you trying again, let's make this the last time you have to start at day 1 eh. ;)



Rustler, it's really good to see you! A big Welcome Home from me. :D

Yep, I think it will be third time lucky for you. It will be if we have anything to do with it anyway. Keep posting dear Rustler and we'll do all we can to help and support you whenever necessary.

Hurrah for both the Stoptober newbies and returners! New social group forming perhaps? :)


I'm in for that!!!! :eek::eek:


Welcome back Rustler, and just remember NOPE, it's as easy as peas lol :) you will get there this time, us quitters have to stick together mate :) xx


Come and sit out on the patio with Shashwoo and I. We will look at the beautiful sea and sky all together. Xxxxx

Couldn't agree more :) Join the Stoptober club :) Well done and lets make sure the 3rd times a charm

Woo x


Thanks guys!

It seems I got a bit muddled, this is actually my forth attempt lol. Oh well, all I know is, it will be my last!

Great to see some of the old faces (names) popping up, and new ones.

I'll keep you all posted.

Good luck everyone,



Hi and Good luck Rustler :):)


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