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Day 4 and loving it

After a bit of a false start on my last attempt (got some bad news and really didn't care about quitting in that moment) I am now halfway through day 4. I'm using an ecig. I know it's not ideal but it is a great help to me this time round. Eventually I would like to wean down the strength then get off it completely but for now I'm looking on it as being better than the real thing. Don't know how often I will get posting but I will try to update regularly. Mr Tobacco, you're going down!!!

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Welcome back Mark :)

As Deb says, it matters not what method you use. If it works for you, it's OK. Sorry to hear you've had a bit of a time of it lately and will hope that it's plain sailing from here onwards.


welcome back mark and big thumbs up for getting to day 4!

if it works. Any method Is ok. your aim Is to me off the smokes and if NRT helps then so be it:)


Welcome back Mark.

Look at you go, almost through week 1 already. Stay strong, you know you got this. :)


Hi Mark glad to see you back :) as for the ecig not being ideal it's a lot more ideal than smoking real fags, so do whatever it takes to make this stick, rooting for you bud xx


Hi Mark

Well done on 4 days, ecig is fine and loads better than smoking. I used it to quit for the first couple of months and don't think I could have managed without it. Good luck :)


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