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Knock knock...


Hiiiii! :D :D :D

One year today. Wow. It's not exactly one year until a couple of hours time, but that's only a minor technicality! Can't believe I finally made it and haven't got a clue what to say.

Thank you to everyone for the endless support through the difficult times I've had during this quit, it was so difficult at the start, but now I feel like a true none smoker. 2014 has been one of the most troubling years of my life as of yet, but quitting smoking has been the best life choices I have ever made.

The penthouse is luxurious and to all those early in their quits, it does get better! Honestly, it's the best decision you could possibly make for yourself.

Had a few to drink to celebrate, so this post probably isn't as eloquent as I'd hoped. Again, love you all for helping me get here, you've pretty much saved my life. Literally, because the condition I have is exacerbated by smoking. So thank you!

Lewis :)

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Congrats Lewis for coming through the hard times and succeeding, hope you are going to celebrate, you definitely should 1 whole year fag free is flipping amazing :) x

I'm sooooooooo pleased for you, Lewis.......congratulations on winning this epic battle! :D:D

There is certainly no going back, is there; just a lovely fresh and fragrant future!

Lots of happiness to you.


xxx Yes!

:DWell done Lewis, that feeling is fantastic :cool: I don't blame you for having a few, I know I did :D

YAAAY that Lewis!! :D:D:D

I've been so looking forward to your Penthouse thread. I'm waving my flag and the bunting is up. No one deserves it more than you Lewis as I know what a pants year it has been for you what with losing your granny and all. I'm very glad you've sunk a few and hope you will continue to celebrate for at least a day or two. :)

Many, many congratulations mate. A splendid achievement and an example to us all.

Congratulations LewisS

I am so thrilled to read this LewisS, you have done fantastically well and your Nana would be very very proud of you.:)

Keep it going now all the hard work is done:)

Great achievement, Lewis and well done.

Not been an easy journey for you - but there you are, all the same.

I'd take my hat off - if I had one :cool:

Thanks! :D:D

Now I'm over a year in, I'm going to stop diligently counting down the days because this quit is forever, so there's no need anymore. Obviously I'll drop by to mark the biggies (18 months, 2 years etc.) and to support others, but it's time to enjoy being a none smoker in the renowned penthouse!

The support here has been endless and I will be forever grateful to you all, without you, I know I wouldn't have made it a month, never mind 12.

Lewis :)

So happy for you Lewis. Enjoy, you deserve it. :)

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