No Smoking Day
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day 20

day 20 for me today!

im feeling okish. cravings are not really there anymore its more of a annoying longing/pining for something I cant quite put my finger on!

do I miss smoking??

no i don't miss the actual cigarette or the act of smoking or the smell etc etc. i kinda miss that something to do when theres nothing else to do...the 'oh ill just nip out for a fag now that's done'.

I rewarded everything i did with smoking. i feel quite silly about that. how much time i spent smoking! dishes done...smoke. dinner prepared...smoke. advert on the telly....smoke. if there was a reason to do it i was doing it or rather if i could i would! i more found reasons to justify my bad habit. smoking was my 'time out' i need to work on the fact that to get a time out i don't need to is possible to just sit in the fresh air and grab a moment or in the living room with the telly on. i don't need to fill up every spare couple minutes by sucking on a plant:p

its hard not to think about it! its been a hard week in that respect. cravings are fine, the mind games are easily batted away but the 'whats missing, something isn't right' is there. and very strong.

as much as the above is annoying me i have no desire to smoke. its not an option now. just have to keep going! :D hope everyone is well! :D

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Loving your posts Laura, you hit the nail on the head every time! 3 weeks for you tomorrow, doing fabulously mate :) xxx


Yes, you put it so well Laura.

I remember the first time I didn't immediately think about smoking during one of those moments. I think I posted about it I was that excited :o. I shall have to see if I can find the post.

You're doing fantasically well. :) Just keep telling yourself that every trigger point you overcome is one you'll never have to overcome again. Eventually you run out of triggers.

Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine :)


Laura, I loved your post!! I think we all go through the what's missing phase. I guess when you do something for so long the thoughts are automatic to want to fill in a time gap with smoking.

I think you are already a step ahead because you have already recognized it.

Good going :)



Found it! (the post I referred to earlier).

I was so chuffed when I realised after the event that smoking hadn't so much as crossed my mind. It was a real rubicon-crossing moment. :)


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