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It's cancer

My mum is still in hospital and now looks like it's cancer.She also has fluid on her lungs and several other things wrong that they are looking into.

She never ever inhaled smoke and though this would save her,but the sheer scale of her smoking and breathing it in rather than inhaling was always against her.

I don't know how I feel about this yet or what's going to happen next but I thought I would tell you as I'm sure some will wonder about her results.

Carol x

Ps.she s been told no more fags and is on patches in hospital but can't see her stopping now,what would be the point?

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Carol I am so sorry to hear this, I am sending huge virtual hugs to you and your Mum. I understand the way you feel at the moment, IMHO this sort of thing hits us so hard that I think our brains switch off the negative feelings to allow us to be strong and positive for our loved ones. I will keep everything crossed for you and your Mum and am sending positive thoughts your way xx


Oh sorry to read this. :(

It may prove to be treatable or even curable so don't give up hope yet. Whatever the prognosis turns out to be I shall be thinking of you both and (of course) sending virtual hugs your way.

I know you'll be putting your mum first but do take care of yourself too won't you?


Thankyou for your kind words and wishes x

It's early days and they only found out yesterday so what's going to happen next I don't know,mum hasn't told me my sisters did so I havnt spoken to her about the C word yet.

I don't even know what to say yet:(


Sorry to hear this news Carol. x


So sorry to hear your bad news Carol, I really hope the prognosis is good for your mum, take care x


Gut wrenching to read. Felt cold all over. Sadly I know what you are feeling only too well, went through this with my own mum 6 years ago.

No platitudes will make you feel any better about this. Just hope you can be strong....and hope she gets better.


Sending prayers for you, your mom,& family- hopefully all will be well!


Thankyou x

If one good thing comes of this it's my sister is seeing a smokstop councillor tomorrow and hopefully joining these boards too.:)


Well- just goes to show that it's an ill wind...that is good news about your sister, Carol. I shall look forward to meeting her. :)

Hope you're bearing up? Big hugs as always.


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