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Day 19 and feeling a bit flat....


I dropped down on my patches 2 days ago and ever since I have been exhausted and no energy to the point I have been off work since Tuesday, all I am doing is sleeping and eating, I'm pretty sure it's because of the drop in nicotine and I knew it would be too good to last that I sailed through unscathed, oddly though I haven't desired a cigarette whatsoever, I just feel a bit sorry for myself, fingers crossed this passes as quickly as it came x

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Thanks Tea, and yes Karri I'm hoping that's what it is xx

Thanks my lovelies, you are great and Hayley that song did cheer me up I do love it thanks :) and Jen the thought of being really really happy and anxiety free in the next 6 months or so is what's keeping me going it really is xx

It will just be your body adjusting to the slightly lower dose of nicotine. You'll be feeling good again in a few days.

You're doing great Donna. Keep going!

Hope things look brighter today Donna :)

At least the weekend approaches and the sun is out (or it is here anyway). I shall be thinking of you and am sending you as many virtual hugs as I can.

Thanks :) feeling a bit better today I've gone back to work so that's a start! :D having a fag honestly hasn't entered my head though it's very weird I just feel a bit numb I'm sure I will perk up when I get paid on Tuesday :) xxx

Scrap that feeling soooo angry and irritable :mad::mad::mad: hate this....:(

To cheer you up :)

Hahahaha brilliant! Thanks mate that actually did make me laugh xx

How are things today Donna? Any better? I do hope so. :)

hello hello!

hope your feeling better donna!

these first weeks are very craparific! we just have to ride them until we find our happy place:) (not with a fag in the hand and a wine in the other during the xfactor breaks...just the wine;))lol. been feeling a bit yuck this week myself but we can do this!

keep going. ride through the day and give the next one a shot. just keep going. keep busy, eat crap and worry about the consequences later. grab a mint aero (that's an order) allow yourself to feel ...meh. it will pass.

see you in week 4! isn't that awesome?....right behind you with just the right position to give you a wee shove if needed :D hehe!

your doing grand!:D

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