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A little reminder to myself!


Figured I should write my reasons down as a wee reminder as to why I have started my journey to freedom! .... When I'm caught in a moment I tend to forget why I started it!! Day 13 and already feeling the benefits!

1) my health- waking up every morning coughing a lung up is not cool! It scares you, and your kids! Why was is it ever ok to fix the said coughing fit by walking out the back door and sucking on a plant full of toxic chemicals? You walk better, you sleep better, and your not gasping for breath with the slightest bit of walking, you even manage those hills on the school run now! Today you played football with your two year old for a good while without needing a break ( and a smoke)

2) my teeth/ oral health- you used to feel embarrassed talking to people because they might smell your fag breath or notice the ugly yellow stains. You used to reason they weren't that bad. They were! Day 13 and after a good clean they look whiter! Your gums are pinker! The dentist noticed they looked healthier. Yes your gums are receding but they are manageable and will get better! Let's not go back to the threat of losing your pearly whites!

3) money- enough said! Buy shoes and sweeties instead you plonker we all know you love the haribo :D

4) smell- you stink when you smoke it's that simple. You know it and so does everyone else. Ain't it nice putting perfume on because you want to smell good and not because you need to hide the stench of stale smoke?

5) your moods- no one likes grumpy Laura. Not even you. Your not normally like this. Did you ever stop to think during your twelve year stint that maybe it was your pal mr. Nic making you that little more impatient because you struggled to get your next fix? Yep your a grumpy sod because of him! Tell him to sod off now! ...... Go for a timeout and grab a large bag of crisps on the way! You DONT need him to make you feel better:) p.s your little man would prefer if you left climbing the walls to Spider-Man and little lady would prefer ripping your hair out for you whilst playing hairdressers! :p

6) timeouts- everyone has hard days. When it got too hard your moment of peace and clarity would be found at the back door along with an ashtray. There's no cure for this. If you lock yourself in the bathroom your kids will find you anyway:D just deal with it as best you can and be selfish if you have too! Just don't light up! It one thing you don't have to do!

7) your kids- you don't need to smoke before you put the kids to bed. They hate that you smell. They don't tell you because they don't care, but you do. This is the one thing you despised about your habit. Your kids deserve better. They deserve a healthy mummy. Your daughter is terrified when you smoke because she learned about it at school. Don't let her be afraid for you anymore.

8) for yourself- you don't need to smoke to be happy, relaxed, to celebrate, to be sad or because you did housework or whatever other reason you've found that 'deserves a smoke'. It rewards you with nothing but ill health and an empty purse. Your on day 13 right now and you already feel more alive..... Why go back and suffer yet again? If your still not convinced feel your hair quick!! Silky ain't it;) let's not do the wirey rats tail look again! It doesn't suit you and neither does smoking!!

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Laura, lovely post wow look at you go, day 14 and isn't that a great place to be.

I do so enjoy reading positive posts, your proving you can and are on the journey of a smoke free life.

Amazing well done you :):)

This post has all of the hallmarks of someone on their way to the Penthouse :):):):):):):):):):)

Seconded. Laura, your post is wonderful and I am certain will be an inspiration to other potential quitters. I can see no reason why you are ever going to smoke again. Nice one.

thanks:) did a bit of soul searching during my stint locked away in a sulk over the weekend lol!

I do hope I can make the penthouse, im more determined than ever and have a different mindset this time. plus I know it can happen! plenty proof on here of that:) Its the only option for me now! plus I heard its free bar;) how can I say no to that??

max- your so right. no time like the present! my poor babies! she discovered that smoking wasn't that enjoyable as mummy made it seem (shameful) after a health week at school aged 5 and has nagged me since and so she should. I will never forget the look on my girls face when she told me that smoking makes mummies die! I was absolutely horrified. But hey we all do it. im just grateful im waking up before her fears become a reality.:D

Debbie!......back at ya sister ;)

Absolutely fantastic post Laura, you can tell you really thought about your reasons for quitting, try and write a post for the positives of smoking, and all there will be is a blank page :) I love this post and will refer to it if and when this gets tough xxx

All very good points Laura, and true for us all I'm sure. :):)

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