weight challenge

I have totally binge ate eat eaten whilst on my quit and my weight is showing it! So I have proposed myself a challenge. If anyone wants to join in then they can.

The challenge is to lose atleast 1lb a week. Weigh in is on sundays.

ive weighed myself this past sunday and ive been watching what i eat. I have even motivated myself to do more exercize. On monday I will write on this thread -1lb or +lb whatever it is. Hopefully by xmas I will have a total of -lbs :D

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  • ok weigh yourself on sunday, dont tell me your weight, that's a secret

    then next sunday weigh in and post if you are - or +

    we should set a team target for xmas if we get enough people

  • Blooming heck , I,m in.

    I,m in shape it's just this weeks shape is round. Lol

  • Not weighed myself in a while.....

    I shall have to weigh myself on Sunday mornings, before I cycle, or it might just be a hydration issue.

  • I,m in shape it's just this weeks shape is round. Lollol, lol & lol :)

  • Good luck Princess. I have recently joined a site called myfitnesspal as weight is becoming a problem. It's really good for logging calories as the food database seems massive. :):)

  • ...which is superb btw :D ... half of it is back again :mad:

    Not THAT superb then?

    I used a modified version, the 7/0 diet, stopping eating all that useless junk I was forever cramming down my capacious gullet.. ;)

    Like many others on this forum I modified it further into the 7/0/ "buy a new bike and ride it extensively" diet which seems to be working a treat.

    I do, however, crave the odd midget gem in my darker moments.

  • I'm in too Princess :) the fact I don't have to reveal my starting weight is very appealing :D see you back here on Sunday x

  • Hi All

    I read first post and haven't read each and every post but drift seems to be that there is a consensus of 'weight gain'. Count me in. I have gone up and dress size or two. I have reached the 10 month mark and I just cannot seem to lose one lb.

    Will visit 'here'.

    In the meanwhile, I wish everyone the best of luck in getting to their goal.

    PS. I will read every post to come back and hopefully contribute/post with more substance!

    Hi 5 to all :)

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