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Is it mean

Walked along the High Street to get some lunch and saw a heavily pregnant woman puffing away on a ciggy, it looked like she was waiting for her friend to finish in a shop.

I looked at her and she looked at me and I must have had a look of utter disgust on my face. She appeared a little sheepish but not enough to put the damn thing out.

Was I mean? I just hate seeing women smoking "for two"!

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No I don't think so, having quit smoking when I was pregnant both times but resuming again shortly after the children were born, I personally couldn't smoke when pregnant it's very selfish, it's all very well damaging your own body but the baby has no choice and their lungs are soooo tiny... It makes me angry so no I agree with you and in all honesty I would probably of done the same x


I always look at people and I never know what that's persons life is.

2014 every body knows smoking is bad, but not every body is ready to quit, or indeed able to do so.

Wouldn't life be fantastic if we could switch a light on, and no one smoked.

Every body on here has smoked, and decided to stop, how ever hard that is, but not every one is ready to do the same.:)


I don't have a particularly wild social life these days, and when I do see people smoking (which is rare, to be honest) I find myself shocked that people still do that.

It's a stupid reaction on my part, because of course they do. Not everyone knows how straightforward it can be when you have the knowledge at your disposal.

But, back on topic and the pregnant lady smoking. I'd have looked too... I remember how hard it is to quit when you don't want to, but its still a hell of a risk to run.


The reason I asked was that my reaction was immediate and without thinking, I did have a moment of guilt when she looked back sheepishly but it wasn't long lived.

I guess it might have been mean of me to look at her that way but then I'm not always Mr Pleasant.


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