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Surrounded by a coud of smoke

Yesterday my mother and sister came to visit.They are both smokers.We spent the day together but they were stopping to continuously smoke cough roll up smoke and it seemed I was continuously in a cloud of smoke :eek:

I'm not going to be one of those people who moan about smokers as it dosnt bother me that much,I'm just SO happy it's not me anymore.

I don't smell that way my teeth arnt black and my skin not sallow.My breath dosnt smell that way any more.I don't get that panicky feeling every 10 mins.

My mothers health is completely ruined by smoking,she just could never quit.Uts quite sad to see.I never want to be like that!!!

It really was a liberating day in my quit.

That used to be me.

It's not any more.:)

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TG to think I used to be the same,my hub was always moaning:)

Max she has tried and failed and was so miserable.She hasn't had an easy life and at 78. I don't think she cares anymore.

Anyway it's great to be freeeeeee!!!:D

And all you newbies starting out who think this will never happen to them well it will and it's brilliant.:)


Carol, this is amazing, not only have you quit, but also you realise that smoking seriously hinders our life's .

I remember mum needing a heart operation, her husband said she just could not give up smoking, but it killed her, that's just such a strong addiction.

I am so pleased you have reached a point where you realise smoking truly kills.

Your doing a great job.:)


Hi Carol (I'm a bit late to this post - haven't logged in since Fri am), I feel the same as you. My Mum, Sis and Nan all smoke and it's lovely that it genuinely doesn't bother me (apart from obvious concerns about their health - which I am no longer going to worry about as they don't!).

I also don't want to become a moaning ex smoker, I have met quite a few as a smoker and I'm more of the 'live and let live' opinion. The smell doesn't bother me either as it's only occasional, I don't dislike it BUT I don't want one either so it's all good :D:)


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