No Smoking Day
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Day 6

Hello all!

It's the weekend yippee!

Had a few things planned to keep me busy today but my little fella has taken poorly so snuggles in our jammas on the couch it is:) suits me fine though.

Day 6 is notoriously a bad one for me. It's the day in many quits that I have failed. I really didn't think I'd struggle as much with this quit as I have done with only being back on the fags a week but there you go. It is at this point where I think wow a whole week nearly under my belt? And brain suddenly tries to rationalise why it's a good point to keep going as if it's saying 'ok well done you proved your point, go make a cuppa and have a smoke and get back to your usual self now please'

So yeah gritting me teeth today. Had a rubbish sleep. Was wandering when that would come along!

Have a good weekend all xx

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Hi there Laura. I was exactly the same when I started quit. I would go through the first few days and my brain was saying well done and as a "reward" now go smoke. Early days are tough but keep plugging away and say to yourself I won't smoke today.

Keep going, best decision ever made is to quit


keep going laura u been there and done it this my 3rd attempt so hope today goes ok for you x


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