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3 years ago today

Spent 10 minutes sheltering in the rain "enjoying" a smoke, and then scoffing a half pack of polos to try and make my breath smell better... What a waste..

I almost missed my 3rd anniversary of not smoking, but for some reason, just remembered what was special about the start of September..

I must admit though, I feel a bit of an "outsider" coming back now though, because I no longer relate anything in my life to smoking. I can't remember what I ever liked about it, and apart from about 2 occassions where I've actually joined the smokers at a party for a "social gathering in the cold", and maybe lit someones cigarette for them (I'm sure some on here would send me back to day 1 for that!! - Haha), I can honestly say that smoking is no longer part of me.

I could have even excused myself a relapse earlier this year. I broke my ankle while training for the World Half Marathon championships, only 5 weeks before the race, but instead of turning to the unhealthy, I started biking to stay in shape instead. I'm now recovered, and will take on my biggest challenge in 5 weeks when I run Chicago Marathon, hopefully in a respectable time (4th Marathon, and by far the biggest). In fact, the amount I have spent on flights, hotels and a ticket is probably the amount I would have spent smoking all year!

Anyway. I hope my fellow quitters from September 11 are enjoying their anniversary too

For the "noobs", I suppose the only practical advice I can give now is "If you hang in there, you'll look back at these cravings in a few months and wonder what the hell all the fuss was about"... Keep up the good work!

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Great post Barney congrats on 3 years quit that's awesome however it's only the 10th here so ur a day early hehehe :p very positive to hear that smoking doesn't even enter your head now, that's very reassuring indeed! Thanks for the advice to us newbies too :)


Well done Barney, three years is fantastic, great to read such positive posts :)


I think there were 2 or 3 others that came back to post that they had made it (Francob - Mark) was back at 2 years to report all ok in any case.

I saw also that ZoeMac is back for another shot at it too at the moment. Good luck Zoe. Just got to get over that first few months and you'll be there!


Wow, Barney, yours is one of the most positive and fantastic post-Penthouse stories I have ever read! Many, many congratulations to you and thanks for stopping by to say hello. :)


Inspirational stuff Barney, well done to you mate. Good luck in Chicago, I would love to go there looks a lovely city.


Cheers all..

I shall keep on popping back as long as I can remember my old smoker days!

Keep up the good work and remember that every time you don't smoke, a little bit more poison is out of the system.


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