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here i go again

hello all:)

here I am again back at day 1!!

I was smoke free for approx. 70 days (I stopped counting but was thereabouts) and I cant even tell you what happened. I was out and for some reason I smoked then another and so on, finished the pack I bought and then bought another the following morning with the reasoning that id already ruined know how it works. shocked at how quickly I got sucked back in.

anyhoo.. I have been smoking again for a full week and yep that's me straight back up to 20 a day. Ive spent the last week kicking myself for throwing away my quit. so after a full week of feeling sorry for myself, being mad, being disappointed and feeling like ive let everyone down including myself here I am.

at 2pm today I got a grip and decided that enough is enough. my last quit fail is in the past, that's done with. This WILL be my last quit. I don't like smoking, I don't want to smoke so I wont;) im scared a little because although I feel this will be it im very much aware now that no matter what stage you are your quit is still fragile. I need to work on that and not forget that I need to take care of it always.

Ill keep soldiering on until my quit sticks...:p going cold tukey this time and I will use this site religiously!(didn't use it as much last time due to being away during the summer hols) along with my copious amounts of soft mints and haribo of course :p

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Thanks Debbie, Hope your day is going well! All good here! Just getting back into the habit of not smoking! As said above surprised at how bad I got hooked again in such a short amount of time! Lesson learned! Knowledge is definitely power! X


Hi Laura, you are definitely not alone plenty of us at your stage so we can all help each other :) keep it up this will be the one xx


Lovely to have you back, your positivity shines through in your posts I sense a strong determination in you:)

This is the one that counts....

Look forward to reading your future posts:)


here I go again

Hello Laura sorry to learn that you've fell of the wagon. Please don't be discouraged your not the first neither will you be the last. Try not to dwell on the whys and the wherefores of why you smoked, excreta happens the important thing is not to repeat them.

Regarding having to be eternally vigilant, that phase of the stopping soon diminishes as confidence in your quit grows.

The most important thing at this moment in time is that your back in the fold so it's onwards and upwards my girl.

All the best with your quit.

Michael a.k.a:-lefoy123 in Clydebank


Glad to see you back on the horse, best of luck x


Hi Laura, you did the best thing starting your quit again so fast, good luck, I look forward to seeing your posts here :):)


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