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sour breakup.


Hello all, as of today i have gone 58 days nicotine free and i am pleased to say that triggers seem to be a thing of the past. i also do not miss the strange sensation at the tip of my lungs screaming out for a smoke.

But with all the positives i still cant deny that i miss them. Just like the breakdown of a relationship, i still cant help but miss the good old days. Im just a bit scared that i have fallen into the wrong frame of mind. I need to know that life is special without the feeling of anticipation and relief of smoking. Im not looking for sympathy and im nowere near the point were im running down the 24 hour garage for a pack of 10, I just wanted to get this out there as it feels a bit better to say it out load. Cheers.

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Now 56 days is quite some thing , those days of feeling a little lost, I do hope become less and less, but also for me, I do think quitting is something I will have to focus on, as smoking for 30 or so years is bound to leave a trail some where but that's fine for me,

Your doing great:)

I think Jenny is right in saying that it happens sooner for some people than for others, but it does eventually happen for everyone. Sour, the relationship analogy is a good one. I expect there are few of us who haven't at some point or other been in one of those ultimately doomed, destructive relationships that for whatever reason or other we just can't seem to properly end. When it eventually happens, however positive a thing it is really (and you know deep down it HAD to end and that life will be far better for it) you find yourself remembering the good times/the exciting bits/seeing it all through rose-tinted spectacles and wishing for something that can never be (and never was, truth be told).

All you can do when you encounter those times is to focus on all the (very sound) reasons why you ultimately made the decision to end the relationship. As time passes the nostalgic moments happen less & less often until eventually they pass altogether and you reach the point where you can't for the life of you remember what it was you saw in the person in the first place. Exactly the same applies to our relationship with tobacco I think.

I'm sure you won't succumb now you're this far down the line and I will hope that this difficult patch passes for you swiftly. In the meantime, do unload on us because there isn't one person here who won't understand. :)

Thanks Jenny :o

Hope you have a lovely weekend (and you too, Sour) :)

kacmins2 Years Smoke Free


if you are anything like me, I promise it'll get better very soon!

The difference between month 2 and month 3 for me is enormous. It's been 87 days for me and it feels MUCH better than 30 or so days ago. Just hang on, try to be positive and you'll feel so much better soon :)

cheers guys i didnt expect such exellent advice.

Hi Sour and well done on 56 days - almost two whole months now which is fantastic. We all still occasionally romanticise smoking I'm sure, we just have to remind ourselves that it is not pleasant at all and it certainly is not relaxing. Keep going a day at a time :)

Hey i have been a nonsmoker now for 10 months and everymonth i thought 'hey this month has been so much better than last month'....

BUT the biggest jump for me was month 3 to month 4, month 3 still had abit of anxiety about the whole thing and month 4 is where i knew for certain i wouldnt never have a cigarette again. I have been using an ecig the last 2 months but even then i knew i would never return to smoking again. I am now cold turkey-ing AGAIN from the ecig, believe me if it was that bad i wouldnt do it twice in one quit :)

So keep faith, your doing great and trust that one day you will realise you didnt think about smoking all day!

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