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Made it


It's been a while since I've been on here, and If I think back to a year ago exactly I'd have been onhere constantly. It was a tough, tough, tough task but I made it. A false start for a year in 2011, started again in 2012, then many many many stop/start attempts over teh course of 2012 then 2013, off for a day or two, or a month or two - torturing myself with Day One etc so many times.

But I did it, a year ago (last week I think) I stubbed out the last one.

Thanks for all the support - now I'm off to try and encourage some of the other new stoppers....

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Well done to you on reaching 1 year! :D

Thanks for dropping in to help newbies like myself


Never, I've posted on your Day One thread but just wanted to say 'Congratulations' on this thread too. A mighty and hard-fought achievement. You've really deserved your place in the Penthouse. :)

I do hope you can sit back comfortably now, and admire that fabulous view. :D


Hello Never, well done :)


Massive congratulations:D


What an achievement!!!

Those early days are such a struggle and to look ahead a whole's too far.But look at you:)a yr under your belt and doing great x:)


Hi Never Again, well done to you, I personally would love the support :) I have tried a fair few times and I'm sure there are people who are sick of my attempts lol, many MANY congratulations on your quit, marvellous effort! :) xx


Steve (iirc!)...that is fantastic news.:) All of those rubbishy false starts are just history now, something in your past. You are now living a new and much improved life, a life that is better in so many ways and with a much brighter future than it would have been with that foul and evil addiction.

A huge "well done" to you from me!




One year - thats brilliant news. Well done and congratulations. :D


Many congratulations - it's a great feeling isn't it?

Well done, keep strong.


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