No Smoking Day
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Yearly neighborhood BBQ

Yesterday we had our annual street BBQ. In the afternoon we all went out on a boat trip on the canals and in the evening we all got together for a barbecue. Lots of beer and no smokes for Emmy or me :D

Isn't it just so nice being a non-smoker at any social event? In years gone by there would have been ashtrays on every table and not one bit of consideration for non smokers or kids :(

Out of about 40 adults, there were only 3 that smoked. One was of the "don't give a ****" types and smoked wherever he wanted to, regardless of who was around him....including kids. I kindly asked him to smoke away from the kids, to which I got a smart **** answer. Even so, he did move away a little.

The other 2 smokers were much more considerate.

I felt really sorry for them. They were huddled together outside of the party tent, in the cold like some kind of social outcasts....trying their best to pretend that they were enjoying their cigarette and being social, when deep down they wish they didn't smoke. I hope they will see the light and quit.

I am so very glad we don't smoke anymore, and life is just so great without the damn things.

Hope you are all good

Have a great day

Andy & Emmy x


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Hi Andy :)

What a lovely pic! It sounds like you had a wonderful day.

It is a grand feeling not to be one of the outcasts any longer isn't it? I don't think the novelty will ever wear off...

Hope the rest of your weekend is a blinder.


incredible pic andy !!

where is this place ?? i wanna mark it down for my planned/proposed/prospective/onemorespeulativeword/ european summer next year !

im jealous, not only of the beautiful surroundings but that you feel sorry for smokers, im just not there yet.....i see them and walk away, literally or in my mind...still a little tempting, still a little scared of succumbing...

have great rest of the weekend !


This is on a river called the Regge in the east of the Netherlands, but too be honest quite a typical Dutch canal, of which there are thousands of kilometers of. There's a really pretty place nearby called Giethoorn, it's a lovely place for a boat trip (Google some pictures), or to ice skate in the winter :D

As time goes by you will see smokers in this way. For sure it is still tempting for me, I could have so easily given in. But when you stand back and put it all in perspective, you know you have made the best choice ever.

We are not missing out on one single thing


Hi Andy, I too have been to a couple of social events and noticed how few smokers there are now, so pleased I'm now Inside at parties rather than out in the cold:D


It's great isn't it Skiddie said, I don't think the novelty will ever wear of the greatest moments of being an ex-smoker :)


I've found when out now that there seem to be much fewer smokers, we have been to several country shows, steam shows and car shows this year, and a little bit sadly we have taken to counting how many smokers we spot. We spent eight hours at one show and in all that time I think we counted 7 people with a cigarette!


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