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Running like forest gump

One of the biggest changes for me since quitting is that I now go running every other day - and I even enjoy it?!? :confused:

For the last 25 years the only running I've done is running to the shops in panic because I didn't have any fags left, or running away from the idea of quitting!

In 2 weeks I will be reaching 5K, and I'm thinking of carrying on and training for the 10K

My poor old dogs don't know what's hit them....I "woke" them up at 05:30 this morning and took them with me :eek:

Tukker, the flat coat retriever is smart though. While I was warming up before starting to run, he found himself a nice cosy patch in the hedge to lay down for a kip. When I was running on the way back he got up, yawned, and walked back with me:D One smart cookie...

Good luck to all you quitters out there!

Wishing you all a great healthy weekend!


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Awesome news! Looking forward to hear when you hit 10K!

(very smart dog too hehe)


Good for you buddy, I understand the exercise is great. Im enjoying the lengthy walks myself. Was out on Monday, walked 5 miles and on the Sunday previous when my sister was here we walked 7 miles with our children. Then walked Tuesday morning before work 3 miles and then did the step aerobics on Tuesday night. Loving the feel good factor from the exercise - I guess we've become addicted to something better eh!


Well done Andy on the new found energy, exercise is much more appealing as a non smoker.

I laughed about your dog. My in laws had ours last week when we were on hols and twice when it was raining he walked her to a nearby field, took off her lead, then watched her run back alone to wait on the doorstep! :D


Nice one Andy! :D

I've recently started running too. I was already walking a lot (and we go fell walking so I have to keep in practise) as well as swimming but whilst speed-walking round local park I found myself breaking into a run so I just kept going. I've not pushed the running above 3 miles yet but it all helps.

It certainly is a wonderful feeling isn't it? I honestly can't remember the last time I was this fit. I think I was probably still at school. :o


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