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Day 3

Well Ladies & Gents now onto day 3, last night had a few issues, went to the bar with the lads from work, everyone smoking like chimneys, I must admit I was struggling at one point mainly due to my hands not having anything to do if that makes sense? I was playing with my phone and then I spotted the perfect cure for this...... Cocktail Sticks, I think I went through about 15 cocktail sticks in an hour, but I'm sure cocktail sticks are a damn site healthier and I think even my teeth may have benefitted also.

Theres a saying we used to use in the Navy 'Adapt & Overcome' I think this came to the fore last night. Anyway really enjoying brushing my teeth at the min also?!?! Strange.. haha...

Good Luck everyone today, another smoke free day ahead...

James :cool::cool::cool:

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Another new day to push through with your quit, it can be so difficult in the early days. But doing so well.

Just keep going


Nice one James! I've not previously heard of cocktail sticks being used as a quitting aid but it's a damn good invention! Clearly, those years in the Navy have paid off...:D

Although come to that, someone on the forum (can't remember who now) 'smoked' post-it notes I seem to recall, and found that it helped, so I suppose cocktail sticks is similar really.

Well done hugely for surviving a boozy night out. I don't think I could have done that early in my quit and especially not CT like you. You really are steaming ahead! :)


Well done James for resisting whilst drinking, the cocktail sticks seem a great idea, I found I missed the hand to mouth action more than the actual smoking so I do fidget a bit when I'm out now - phone, beer mats, my nails etc.:D


Yeah I was quite pleased actually with my find, here in Mozambique every restaurant table has a cup full of them so thought why not! It was good as I mentioned gives my hands something to do...

Well its the big test tonight, theres a charity dinner on in the city centre and there are about 5 of us with tickets, so im going to be fully on the beers and the cocktail sticks.. Wish me luck, i'm feeling confident though!

Just to clarify im not actually lighting the cocktail sticks or starting small fires i'm simply picking my teeth haha!!

Thanks for your comments hope you have a great non-smoking day :D:D

P.s if im not on the forum tomorrow I have failed miserably, but to be honest im 99% sure I can handle this ;)


great job!!! especially at having drinks and not smoking! I definitely would not be able to handle that right now, and I am now on day three as well!


James, just arm yourself to the teeth (;)) with cocktail sticks and I am sure you will be fine. If it all starts to get too much make your excuses and come home. You are NOT going to fail and that's an order! :)


Hope you're still with us!


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