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Day 59 .... moving on.


Can't believe its been 59 days. Never in my life, have I stayed away from smokes this long, not since I was 14 yrs old.

The psychological craves is still there, was with one of my old long-time buddies at the coffeeshop, he was fagging away, and we were both having our coffee/tea. The urge went away after awhile, but it's just unbelievable how strong nicotine is. Not one puff for me anymore, the slope is too slippery.

Even at this point in my quit journey, I can still feel EvilNic trying to re-establish its hold on me, and reassociating new occasions with itself. E.g. I just did a 5 hours ride in good time, have a fag to wind down. Of course I didn't.

Just goes to show with 59 days, although craves frequency and intensity have drastically reduced, they can still happen, and guard needs to be kept up.

I'm now trying to associate something gross with fagging, since EvilNic is trying to do the opposite.

If everything goes well today, then I should be in Month 3 by this coming weekend. :)

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Wow dong amazing,yes it can be overwhelming when all of a sudden mr NICO decides to re appear in your head with a big crave even after such a loner time.

But he will give up I,m sure

Just keep going doing so very well:)

Edge, you're doing fantastically well! :D

Your posts are always funny, informative and inspiring and I love the way you just keep ploughing on with such dedication and grit. Well done mate! If ever there was someone heading straight to the Penthouse it's you. :)

Hi Edged, well done, 59 days is brilliant and very nearly 3 months - you can soon move up a room nearer to the penthouse.

What a good idea to associate smoking with something horrible, let us know how you get on :)

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