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made it to day two!!


actually made it to day two!! second day is always a lot harder for me then the first, I think its just the reality setting in that I am doing this... but its actually going a lot better then my last quit. I think its the "one day at a time" mind set I have decided to adopt.

the only thing that I am finding really hard, is when I forget I am quitting and I think to myself "well I am just going to grab a smoke" and then i remember... oh wait... I am not smoking. and there is that little moment of panic. but they are passing quick enough.

wish me luck, and see you on day three!

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Well done Kat

I have those moments too = like when I cut the lawn and reach for my tobacco, and then remind myself that I don't smoke anymore.

At the end of the day, we are not missing out on anything apart from poisoning ourselves.

Keep going, onwards and upwards! Each day will get easier and bring more and more benefits

yes, I am trying! and its a very high stress day... I have to remind myself, smoking will not take away the problem. it will still be there after I smoke. I will just be a stinky stressed out girl, instead of just a stressed out girl

That's so true, Kat, and as long as you can keep rationalising things you're going to do fine.

Many congratulations for being well on the way to dispatching Day Two with a great deal of aplomb. :)

Well done Kat, the first three days are the worst physically so you're nearly over it. Keep up the good work x

Well done you, keep at it :D

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