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HI all,

jet thought id pop in to let you know that i am still going strong and loving life to the max!

cycling is my new addiction and last weekend i completed the ridelondon 100 in a decent time and probably ride about 150 miles a week.

to think that 2 years ago i couldn't even walk up the stairs without being out of breath is scary but also important for me to remember so that i can see how far i have come and remind myself how great i am!! :)

to all you people starting out on your quit - keep on trying no matter what! i had a fe false starts but kept at it, with the help of this forum - i made it and i am free from this inanimate destroyer!



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Hello Magic :D

I know I always say this but it is lovely to hear from forum members who have explored the world Beyond The Penthouse. It's so inspiring for those of is still on the flip side of those hallowed halls.

Well done you! From struggling to climb the stairs to cycling on average 150 miles per week is one mega-achievement. I really think someone should include people like you in a series of quit adverts. It would be so much more inspiring than all the 'smoking gives you cancer' adverts (which I think no longer have the imact that they once did). Fantastic! :)


Hi Magic

Exactly what Skiddaw said! I love hearing from the forum members who are over a year, it's so nice that you come back with positive posts and encouragement.

Well done on the cycling :)


Hi magic, great post, I have had lots of false starts too, it's very encouraging to read your post 2 years quit and feeling better than ever, I shall refer back to this if I get any off days when I start my quit again xx


Greetings right back at ya Magic.

Great to see you and your peddles are still going strong. :)


Great to hear from you Magic, you are still as positive as ever. Brilliant!!!


Good to hear from you Magic, as ever so positive. So well done my love.

You and I quit on the same day back in Sept 2012. 'Olympic Quitters'.

We did it:):):)

Fi xx


Thanks guys - I think it's very important to keep popping back in to repay what I had from this site. Without the support I had on here I don't know if I'd be where I am today.

To all you people just starting out - please please please please please never give up giving up.

Love to you all xx


Brilliant news Magic :)


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