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Day 2 - Bring it

Well, Day one is long gone...

Actually I was surprised how many times I almost subconsciously went for a cigarette without knowing it, even though I have no cigarettes around every hour or so my brain (habit I suppose) said 'right lets go for a smoke' and felt my body get a little lift at the thought, then I had to check myself and stop it! very strange.

The worst time for me was after dinner, probably the only real cigarette I enjoyed through the day, but I just drank some water and stuck a DVD on and tried not to think about it and the moment passed! But all in all not too bad.

Morning of Day 2, feel pretty good actually, slept like a baby so feel fresh. My friend had a smoke in the car on way to site and the second hand smell did smell good but It didn't make me want one so I guess thats good!

Bought plenty of mints today so no doubt will work my way through them today. I think the biggest issue will be the weekend as beer and cigarettes used to go hand in hand :(

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Well done James! :D

Glad to hear you slept well and will hope today proves to be as smooth as it possibly can be. I remember the 'lets go for a smoke' feeling well and all I can say is that it happens loads in the early days and gradually tails off as your brain reprogrammes and stops associating situations with smoking.

As for the booze/fags combination, personally the only way I could deal with it was to go on the wagon for a time as I knew I just wouldn't have the strength to handle it (it's fine now, thankfully ;)). On the other hand, there have been many on the forum who have found it easier to confront it head on (and have managed to do so with aplomb) so whatever works for you...

Have a good day :)


Well done on completing your first day smoke free James. I get what you are saying about the subconscious, just the other day I thought 'right I will just wash up then go and have a ciggie', immediately followed by 'Oh I don't smoke anymore', strange.....:D


I know it was a very strange feeling, almost for a minute I didn't have control of myself, my mind was in auto pilot! Yes I think for me I have got to hit the alchohol thing straight on, I know this will be my biggest challenge as my 2nd favourite cigarette was a one with a beer. I need to just change my mindset in the bar/pub. Again though all my work colleagues out here smoke so its going to be a challenge.

Just been on site today and had 3 people offer me cigarettes 2 of them I told yesterday I had stopped! It felt strange but good turning them down though, need to keep a hold of that feeling!

Thanks for your comments, i'm finding this forum quite refreshing to unload and share my experiences and maybe hopefully can help someone else also :)


Hope day 2 is kind to you, good luck xx


Well done on getting through Day 1 and good luck with Day 2.


Thanks Everyone and good luck to you also!


Well done James

Keep going! It gets better every day, I promise!


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