No Smoking Day
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Still here:)

Hi all, Yes i am still here and counting the days to the penthouse, not long now. So very pleased with myself. This forum has been the most helpful place when I have had my moments of emotions and bad tempered triggers and all of you have helped me to get by those moments.

I have saved money and been able to afford a lot of different items for my home, achieved so much.

It hasn't been easy as nothing ever is, but it's a dream when you get so near to your first year.

Quit date: 7th September 2013


p.s. Best of luck to all new quitters keep reading posts, you will get their.:D

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Fleet, so very, very close now! :D

I shall be in a rather obscure corner of the Lake District and out of forum range but I shall be thinking of you come The Day and will raise a pint (or two) of Jennings (or Loweswater Gold ;)) to your resounding success.

Really pleased for you...:)


Hi Fleetwood, so very very near, you are waiting at penthouse door. Well done :)


Jacqui so very very close now :) you have done amazingly well congratulations. :) I hope you have something nice planned for the 7th xx


Genuinely, genuinely chuffed for you Jockey ;) :D

You are the perfect example of "If at first you don't succeed..." :cool:

You have had your ups and downs but kept getting up, dusting yourself down and getting back on the horse.

All that effort has paid off and you are on your final canter up Penthouse Boulevard, enjoy the scenery, you deserve it.

I'll be here to cheer you on as you ride through those gates in a couple of weeks, top stuff!



Such lovely reply's from you all thanks very much.

I haven't decided yet what i will be doing on the 7th/9. to celebrate. But i definitely won't be smoking.

All the best to you all.



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