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day one, again

just joined the forum, I think it will help me to vent with others!

I quit from January 6th - June 2nd this year, and have been struggling with quitting again. I am determined to quit this time! its so senseless to torture myself again going through the beginning stages (hell week) over and over again!

this time its for good! wish me luck!:):):)

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Aw bless you, and Good luck with your new quit, you can do this, you have done this. There will be nobody more disappointed than you.

So please read and post often,it helps.

A big welcome from me, and look forward to your future posts.


thank you for the welcome!! I am determined to make this one stick.

I figured its the perfect time now too, I start a new job in two weeks. so I can get past all the dizzy light headed stages now, and start my new job fresh as a non stinky smoker!


Great that's lovely :)


Hello Kat :)

The new job incentive sounds like an excellent one (and congratulations by the way, both on the new job and the new quit :D).

You did SO well last time. That was clearly an extended practise run and this is now the Real Thing. I shall be cheering you on, and as there are quite a few new quitters around you'll have plenty of peer support too. In fact, I wonder if there's a new social group in the embryonic stages of forming? August Quitters perhaps??

Go for it, Kat, and may fortune smile upon you. :)


Hi Kat, good luck on your quit :D


Hey Kat

Well done for deciding to quit for good this time. You are stronger than the cigs and it will be so worth it... Have a super day



Hi Kat welcome to the forum, good luck with your quit I hope this is the one for you x


Welcome to the forum, good luck with your quit.

This forum really is an excellent place for support.


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