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No Smoking Day

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Day 28


The click happened last night.

As in, despite rather large glass of red wine, the mere thought of old Nic never entered my brain.

Today started just as well. Stood at bus stop whilst chav female was smoking what can only be described as an old rope rollie. Cue without me thinking about it my new dance move- the flappy chicken to get rid of the smell.

Said chav asked 'what's your frightful problem' (substitute frightful for another more delightful f word).

My response? Totally unheard of from my lips before towards a smoker. ' you stink. You smell worse than a tramp at the corporation tip and you have the added disadvantage of looking and sounding like a fishwife'

Oops. But I did feel bad after!!!

Day 28--- the giving and sharing day :D

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So pleased you have had the light bulb moment, it so helps when we realise it is indeed a Nasty expensive habit.

It's just one of life's little reminders that at times we are going to get a sniff or two of nasty smoky nicotine. I just don't let that smell bother me after all we did smell the same not so long ago;)

Doing great:)