Day 4 - Feeling good

Hiya guys,

Woke up and had a coffee (it's a routine coffee with my room-mate just before we leave for work). He is a chain-smoker and i've had a big battle during the coffee time. It smelled awful but still i wanted that filthy thing with my coffee. That's the biggest trigger for me (plus the alcohol).

Anyway i think i've got the right mentality to fight it. And i am...

The positive side is, whenever i'm comming out from my flat to go to work i can't stop taking big breaths it's all new to my lungs and i'm loving it.

Thanks for the support guys really appreciate it.

Kind Regards,


3 Replies

  • Well done Theo :)

    Stay strong, Mate, you can do it. You're doing fantastically well.

  • Well done Theo, just keep being positive, that fresh air will feel better as your lungs improve, which surprisingly, doesn't take long to be noticeable. :D

  • Wow settling on to a great quit, and knowing, that triggers are there, but you sound to have this sorted in your head:)

    Nearly a week under your belt, fantastic:)

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