No Smoking Day
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Day 4 - Feeling good

Hiya guys,

Woke up and had a coffee (it's a routine coffee with my room-mate just before we leave for work). He is a chain-smoker and i've had a big battle during the coffee time. It smelled awful but still i wanted that filthy thing with my coffee. That's the biggest trigger for me (plus the alcohol).

Anyway i think i've got the right mentality to fight it. And i am...

The positive side is, whenever i'm comming out from my flat to go to work i can't stop taking big breaths it's all new to my lungs and i'm loving it.

Thanks for the support guys really appreciate it.

Kind Regards,


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Well done Theo :)

Stay strong, Mate, you can do it. You're doing fantastically well.


Well done Theo, just keep being positive, that fresh air will feel better as your lungs improve, which surprisingly, doesn't take long to be noticeable. :D


Wow settling on to a great quit, and knowing, that triggers are there, but you sound to have this sorted in your head:)

Nearly a week under your belt, fantastic:)


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