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Day 15 - Hello

Woo - I made it :D:D

I even managed over 7 miles on my bike yesterday without keeling over and being in pain! Thankfully a neighbour gave me a road bike because they saw me on the BMX and it hurt them haha (and it was hurting me)

I feel OK today. My nose is really blocked and still the constant headache. I hope the headache goes soon as it starting to annoy. I wouldn't say it's a bad head just a mild over the eyes thing. Has anyone experienced this for a long period of time?

Anyway I'm glad I'm into week 3 :D

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Well done, I do so remember feeling light fuzzy mused head for a few weeks, but it did pass, now every time I dropped down a level on my patch it reappeared, but all is ok now.

Your doing a Stirling job, just keep going:)


Thanks Tracey :) It's nice knowing it'll get better, just hate this feeling hehe!


Well Done That Man!! :D

Week Three already Welski- what an achievement! You're really flying now and things will become easier & easier. I'm sure all the physical stuff will pass but it does take time. I had a blocked nose and a really irritating tickly cough for the first four weeks but it went away eventually. If you're worried have a word with your GP just to put your mind at rest but I'll bet 99% it is all quit-related.

And fair play to you for the bike ride! It is lovely feeling your body get fitter isn't it? :)

May your Week Three be a very pleasant (and headache-free) one.


Thanks guys :D:D

And yeah Skiddaw, I felt great after doing it! Can't wait to do it again tonight!!


Hi Welski, well done you on getting to week three. Don't know about the headaches as I didn't have those, I'm sure someone here did though as there seem to be so many side effects from quitting - worth it though.

I have also taken up bike riding (though not on a bmx, glad you have nice generous neighbours :D) and it does feel great, I haven't been out for a while as I was on holiday last week and can hardly move this week with a bad back. I'm starting to miss my daily cycling. :)


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