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Really wanted to smoke this past week which has completely come out of the blue! Think that it could be my new job, which is stressful, tiring and a trigger because in my old job I had ciggie breaks all the time. Every time I have a break now I think automatically that I will go and smoke and then remind myself that I am now a non-smoker.

I've been romanticising it I think. Life has really slowed down since I left uni and I am missing the student life of going out all the time, smoking and drinking. Being responsible is boring!

I keep reminding myself that smoking has nothing to do with fun and I really don't think I will smoke, it is just shocking to me that I am thinking about it all the time when the past two months have been super easy.


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Kirstie, I felt really lost for a while after Uni. It was hard to get into the routine of working full time and everything seemed flat and wrong sonehow. It does take time before everything falls into place but it does eventually and it will for you too. You're going through a transitional period at the moment and it is no wonder that you're missing a former 'prop'. You're wise to it though and that's the main thing.

I really hope the feelings pass very soon- I expect they will. In the meantime, hold on, stand firm and remind yourself as often as you can of how far you have come and how much you have to celebrate. :)

Its tough isn't it Kirstie.

For sure, life post Uni is very different, but it comes with some great new pleasures and milestones. Like anything, it takes time to adjust.

I know what you mean with the romanticizing - Just shows how powerful an association we have with smoking and happy memories....just like when you think back to being a kid and the weather was "always" great.

I found myself staring at smokers at the party on Saturday night - they looked so "happy" to be smoking and Emmy and I were in the minority of non-smokers. I was so happy we didn't smoke, especially when I smelt my clothes the next day.....what a horrible stink, and a harsh reminder that we used to stink like that all the time

You know that smoking does not mean fun, quite the contrary. Just ride it out - eventually old memories will be replaced by new ones. By quitting smoking you are missing out on absolutely nothing, there isn't one good reason to smoke and don't let Evil Nico try to convince you otherwise

Keep strong

Sorry to hear you are finding it a bit tough at the moment Kirstie, I'm sure it is just 'at the moment' though and you will adjust and enjoy your new job and non smoker status.

I don't have tea breaks any more - I swapped them for finishing 30 mins earlier, they were only ever for smoking and I can drink coffee at my desk, that helped loads.

I hope you feel better soon :):)

Thanks everyone, I hope it does settle down soon because it's quite frustrating.

I just hope this doesn't crop up at every transitional period in my life and I really wish it still wasn't my go-to "prop" as it has been called.

Ah well, onwards and upwards! I still refuse to smoke so it will be OK x

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