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11 weeks tomorrow!

Hi everyone. Just back from my holiday in Southport. Had a nice time but the weather was a bit crap, which helped as everytime my Mum went out for a smoke in the rain I felt pleased I didn't have to/need to/want to :) I didn't really have any moments where I had more than a fleeting thought about smoking except for:

1) I am a complete muppet as I left my bag on the chair in a truckstop (thank god not a services as would have been long gone I'm sure) - and didn't notice until 30 miles later! :eek: Hubby was not impressed! I KNOW that I would not have left my bag if it had contained cigarettes as I would have lit up between truckstop door and car door!

2) When we went to the fair there was a notice stating no smoking in the area at all, great for me as I don't smoke anymore (previously would have been a full on panic and quick smoke moment) :D

And finally, today my son came round to tell me that he has been recently arrested which was a shock and upsetting/stressful. My first thought was NOT I need a fag! <looks for any silver lining>

Pleased to log in to the forum and see you all still here with your quits and your support :)

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The upset/stress ones were tough for me too. Well one on getting through that one. Hope everything comes out OK with your son.


Hi . Nicky, how well you are doing 11 weeks brilliant, the upset and hurt of the things our children do, is indeed so hard at times, I so empathise with you.

Wow you are still quit amazing , a huge well done from me:)


Well done indeed Nicky! :D

Isn't it wonderful when you realise you can get through stressful moments without lighting up? You should be very, very proud of yourself indeed.

I hope the issue with your son resolves itself. Kids, hey? :)


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