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Day 11

I've hit day 11, woo.

I haven't had a headache yet this morning which is nice (I've had one for the last 2 days) It wasn't anything bad, just a mild one behind the eyes. Eyes are still pretty heavy though. I have noticed the corner of my mouth a small red patch, it isn't sore or anything just seems to be getting bigger. Didn't know dry lips/mouth corners had anything to do with quitting smoking.

Hope people don't mind me posting how I'm feeling, I have quite high anxiety about being ill all the time, so rather than searching the internet and finding 100000 different reasons. I find it's quite relaxing to put it here and learning people have the same experiences.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far and hurray for the coming weekend! :D

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Hi Welski

Day 11! Isn't that just great, well done!

I know what you mean - internet searches often give you much too much info, and its easy to think that you have something really nasty.

I have had heavy eyes since quitting 5 weeks ago, I think this has mainly to do with my new sleep patterns.

I know that when my father quit (50+ years smoker) he had loads of trouble with mouth ulcers and cold sore's on his lips...the doc told him that this was because smoking kills all of the bacteria in the mouth (probably the only "benefit" of smoking, not that there is such a thing) so probably nothing to worry about. Cold sores come and go anyway, nothing to do with smoking.

Did you look into the C25K? I find it really good, ran my personal best this morning - the joys of breathing properly :D

Have a great weekend


Don't worry, Welski- no one minds at all. :)

There's almost no end to the number of physical and mental side effects to quitting and everyone seems to encounter a variety of them at some point or other (especially early in the quitting process). Mouth ulcers are very common as are spots and other 'erruptions', and headaches are also up there with the other classic symptoms. Sleep issues you already know about. Personally, I had cold after cold for the first 6 months (they seem to have eased off now thankfully) which was really irritating as I hardly ever had a cold when I smoked :rolleyes: (the difference was they passed really quickly, whereas in the days when I smoked colds would settle on my chest for weeks).

It's all part of your body adjusting and healing itself. My GP told me in his experience it takes a good 12 months before your body settles down and properly gets into the groove as it were.

Obviously, if you're worried or things don't improve see your GP for reassurance if nothing else, but I honestly don't think you have anything you need to concern yourself about. :)

And well done on Day 11!! Here's to a lovely (and stress-free) weekend. :D


Thank you for the replies guys :)

It was just a strange one, because it doesn't feel like an ulcer. Just looks like red marks on the side of my mouth!

I originally thought I wouldn't really feel any side effects because of how I smoked. Although after near 10 years of smoking I guess it will hit me and I was being a little naive hehe.

I have looked into the C25K Andy! Infact this weekend I'm heading to the shops to buy some running shoes and then I will be kicking it off on Monday. I'm looking forward to it!

I've been thinking about signing up for the tough mudder next year as well so I will have to get lots of training in place for that! :D


welski !

as said earlier, dont worry about writing anything here my experience says youll always get support and encouragement, thats apart its the main reason the form exists !!!

greta going man ! keep at it !!


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