No Smoking Day
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Im officially in month 3, I am 8 weeks and a day smoke free.

I actually told off a guy yesterday for smoking in a bus stop underneath a no smoking sign and next to little kids. I can see the smoke going straight into the kids faces and it made me angry.

Even when I did smoke I wouldnt sit on a bench next to a small child. Some people! Rant over

I have been craving quite abit the last few days but it remember the last time that I just had one it made my tummy turn and I was in and out of the bathroom. So thats what I think about now if I crave. I dont want to be ill!

And then I think thats just one side affect, just imagine all the cancer and other illnesses EWWW no thanks!

Keeping strong

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Nice one Princess! :)

Many congratulations from me. I get the distinct impression that nothing is going to railroad your quit this time.

What sort of reaction did you get from the man at the bus stop? I hope he was suitably shame-faced rather than abusive. I quite agree- I would never have done that in the days when. Terribly rude and inappropriate.


Well done Princess, you are doing brilliantly :)


the guy in the bus stop didnt say anything, he didnt give me eyecontact, he just moved on.

Another week down- 9 weeks now :D

You're right im not letting anything get in the way of this quit. I am in control. :D


Well done oh sweet smelling Princess :)

Your fairy-tale Penthouse castle is already under construction and the pumpkin, which will later be magically transformed into a coach, is growing nicely. ;)


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