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No Smoking Day
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Self Talk

Its already day 6 and first 3 days were pieces of real sweet cake....but somehow got the sore throat, chills and fever on day four (certainly not related to quit but got it from others having similar infections) but recovered (almost) today. Now, the urges starts showing up but getting same answer from my side....you don't have any value at all, any of your excuse is not worthy enough to me to give in....try little harder may be :) Second, I keep checking my sensitivity level to smoking in particular and everything else in general and keeping it to minimum. Now those things which might turned me furious in the past, don't bother at all. I say to smoking too, I am not sensitive to you any more. At this moment, my three friends sitting outside the house and smoking a real good cigarette after dinner ....hahaha.....but I simply laughed and came back to my room. I'm not complaining, I'm not trying, I'm not anxious, I am not suffering, I'm not waiting for anything good or bad to happen....like since when I will start feeling better or since when I'll be free of cravings or thoughts about cigarettes....they can come and go freely to my mind, heart or any part of body or soul they prefer, I'm always here to give just one answer, sorry I have finished by quota of cigarettes for this life (happily)....

Thanks every body


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Keep plugging on Rick because you're doing really, really well. You seem to have exactly the right mind-set. :)


Hello Rick, doing a Stirling job, loving the positivity of this post . Doing so very well, just keep going:) somehow I think you will:)



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